Our mission

Connect smarter

We believe that we can unite people and organisations in an intelligent and innovative way, so that everyone can be their best selves. With the interests of customers and users as our starting point, we create solutions that make our lives easier.

Together with our team of creative and innovative colleagues we’re making a big impact on the ways hundreds of organizations around the world communicate.

Leave your footprint and help us to connect smarter!

We impact the way these organizations communicate

Your career

The sky is the limit

At Bundeling, we find it very important that you are happy at work. Because when you are happy we benefit and so do you. You decide what makes you happy and therefore what your career will look like. Everything is possible at Bundeling, the sky is the limit.

"You be'ing happy at your work is our most important requirement."
Eric van de Brand
Founder & Head of Product

Your future colleagues

“I usually end the day with a game of table tennis”

Lucas works as a Customer Success Manager in the sales department of Bundeling in Venray. Among other things, he is responsible for Bundeling’s customer base and acts as its point of contact. We asked Lucas to describe his work, to give outsiders an idea of what happens inside the doors of Bundeling.

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