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This is us

Bundeling is a fast-growing organization that builds, develops and delivers a multi-purpose communication solution for organizations large and small. Our scalable SaaS platform is the starting point with a custom app, web application or a combination thereof to complete the Bundeling solution.

Bundeling has two offices. One in Uden, where a team of techies are working hard every day on the app and the underlying (SaaS) platform. From the office in Venray a great deal of care is taken with building up the customer portfolio. Two dynamic teams, each with their own culture but with one common goal; to make Bundeling an indispensable solution for every organization, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Bundeling is a dynamic company with enthusiastic and passionate employees. A working environment where a lot happens every day and where many innovative changes take place. To steer all this positive energy in the right direction, we are looking for you!

Company culture

A day as a Test Engineer at Bundeling is finely structured. That also describes the culture you will be working in. You get a lot of freedom in your work and can plan your own schedule. Of course you have deadlines, but you are the boss! About your own schedule of course 😉 .

The location for this vacancy is Uden. In Uden you’ll work together with a nice group of colleagues who enjoy going to work every day to make Bundeling an even bigger success!

Job description

For our office in Uden, we are looking for a Test Engineer who, through years of experience in development, knows what works best; Because the Test Engineer is often present from the beginning of a project, he has an important role in overseeing the composition of the product as a whole, and is thus in a good position to provide constructive feedback. All in all, the Test Engineer oversees the entire production process, from product development to commissioning.

As a Test Engineer you will be performing various tests related to the application. You will not be working from project to project. The Test Engineer himself must have a good understanding of where the errors lie and report them accurately.

In short, you will ensure that the code is ”bug-free” and can be added and released to the production environment without concern.. You are a crucial factor in the development of a cool product at a cool tech company.

What do we offer?

  • A comfortable working atmosphere in a small team, from a stone’s throw away from Brainport.
  • An opportunity to gain a lot of experience.
  • Your own work freedom, let your skills speak for themselves.
  • A good salary

This is you

First of all you are very structured, have good communication skills and always know how to help your colleagues in the right way. Enjoying your work is very important so we are really looking for someone with passion! Someone who can fulfill this role with a lot of passion. Further:

  • You are structured and know how to work with a structured team.
  • You have experience with PHP Javascript and Dart (optional).
  • You are familiar with the methodology of Git and Scrum.
  • Do you have affinity with software and/or software development.
  • Some experience as a Software tester or worked as a developer in the past.

By the way, we find your skills much more important than your diplomas. Self made? No problem, we already have a few 😉 😉 No problem.

Is this you? React now and who knows, you may call yourself the newest colleague at Bundeling!

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