“I usually end the day with a game of table tennis.”

Lucas works as a Customer Success Manager in the sales department of Bundeling in Venray. Among other things, he is responsible for Bundeling’s customer base and acts as its point of contact. We asked Lucas to describe his work, to give outsiders an idea of what happens inside the doors of Bundeling.

How did you end up at Bundeling?

In previous years, I did two internships at Bundeling. One was a collaborative internship and the other was a graduate internship. Both internships were sales related and took place from secondary vocational education as a junior account manager. Because both periods suited both me and Bundeling, we chose to keep good contact with each other.

Because Bundeling continued to expand as a company and got a larger customer base, they were looking for someone with experience who could help support the existing relationships. So 1.5 years after my last internship they contacted me and invited me for an interview. This was of course not a difficult choice for me after my fun internship periods.

What does work as a Customer success manager entail?

Together with my colleagues in the Customer Success department, we are responsible for maintaining Bundeling’s current customer base. Together, we ensure that each client’s branded application is used in an optimal way and that clients come to us with their questions. In addition, we continuously communicate strategies and ideas to the customers, in order to bring the use of the app to the highest possible level.

What does your day look like?

First, I start the day by chatting with my colleagues over a cup of coffee to catch up. Then I go to work with my clients portfolio to evaluate the use of their app. This is done by means of a video call or, if possible, a physical appointment.

With a video call I can easily schedule five meetings in a row. Ofcourse I remain a real people person and I like to visit people, so that I can have more personal contact with the client. This often gives both me and the customer a nicer feeling to work together. In addition, I offer support to our sales department when necessary, so that our potential customers also have a face to face with their customer relationship manager. Finally, I usually end the day with a game of table tennis with my colleagues or enjoying a drink on a Friday afternoon.

Where do you get your energy from?

I get my energy mainly from promoting customer relations and the contact with our respected customers, such as Ajax, PSV, Balast Nedam or one of the many other big names that we already have as a customer. In this job you really get to see a lot of great places, how cool is it to suddenly be in the middle of the Philips Stadium for your work. What I also find very cool is that Bundeling offers a super innovative product that is constantly evolving, so we are always aware of the latest trends and stay on top of them.

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