“When I see how many organizations are using our product, I’m actually quite proud!”

Noah lives in Dongen, but works in Uden at the development team of Bundeling. Every day he drives 140 km to make Bundeling a little better. We talked to him and ask him what it’s like to work as a Software Developer at Bundeling.

How did you end up working at Bundeling?

In my search for a new job, I had heard that at Bundeling you could focus on one specific product. That really appealed to me, because at my previous job I was sent from project to project, which didn’t really suit me. At Bundeling, I could completely immerse myself in one code and that made me enthusiastic. After two job interviews and a test case, I enthusiastically started working at Bundeling.

What does work as a software developer at Bundeling entail?

As a developer at Bundeling, you work together with your colleagues to improve Bundeling. Bundeling is an app for smartphones, but also has a web version. This means I work with two different programming languages, which is very educational.

One of the fun things to do is develop new features that many of our customers use on a daily basis, for example I recently created an email template system where app managers can easily customize the standard emails that are sent, think of a forgotten password email.

What does your day look like?

After an hour’s drive I arrive in Uden and start up Jira, which is our project management tool. It contains all the tasks that are important to me for the release. We always work together towards a release. Everyone does their utmost to meet all deadlines and that is real teamwork. Fortunately, we also have enough room to laugh a lot with each other.

Where do you get your energy from?

I especially like the fact that I work in such a small, close-knit team. They are nice colleagues, I can easily spar with them and in a short time I have already learned many new things from them. There is also room for personal initiative here at Bundeling and I like that. You really work on a product together and when I see how many different organizations use our product, I am actually quite proud!

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